Learning by design

Organisational change happens when people are motivated, committed and willing to learn. Designing learning is future-focused. We start by defining a desired future state, comparing it to the current situation and then working creatively to the most elegant and effective way of bridging the gap. We work on developing a combined communication and learning strategy and employ many tactics to engage individual learners on a personal change journey.

The word ‘design’ comes with connotations. There is value in making something aesthetically pleasing or engaging through interaction – but this should not take priority over pedagogy. A strong foundation is important for making a learning resource fit for purpose. We try to avoid applying any visual design on the resources we produce until the effectiveness of learning experience has been fully tested.

Too many learning experiences are reverse engineered to fit a pre-defined solution: a 45-minute lesson, an eLearning template or a preferred medium, such as video. While it can help the creative process to work within constraints, we believe it is better to problem-solve only once the optimum way of learning has been identified. If it is not financially possible, for example, to give everyone the opportunity to take part in a live role-play; then the question becomes how can we provide an equivalent experience within scope.

Learning by Design_1 (1).png

We have developed several simple tools, which we use when facilitating teams to design learning or create a sound brief for commissioning media production.

You can view and download some of these for free here.