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We believe in the power of film to tell thoughtful stories of self-discovery. Stories about characters who risk feeling and disappointment in the pursuit of learning who they are and what makes them happy.

Our narratives are about what it is to be human, how we realise or become our true selves; and the impact we have on each other’s lives, often un-knowingly. We seek to show the quiet moments where character is revealed; moments of intimacy and solitude. We strive to reflect both the tragedy and silliness of real life.  

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Josie, 23 (SOPHIA CAPASSO), Alison, 34 (ISABELLA MARSHALL), ALF, 23 (HOWARD PERRET) and Tony, 56 (STEVE WATTS). Stars of their own story, incidental characters in each other’s.

A very British comedy about fitting in, falling out, getting lost and getting back on track. It tells the story of four very different but equally socially awkward people as they heroically muddle through life.

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Frankie (LUCY SCOTT-SMITH) and George (TOM ASHLEY) have been together since they were teenagers. They have forgotten how to be in love. 

One weekend. Two contrasting days. An intimate portrait of a long term relationship, overshadowed by decisions made in the past.

Saturday is stifling and claustrophobic. The couple's house feels small, like a prison cell; the garden an exercise yard.

Sunday sees the couple walking on the blustery hills of the South Downs. Out in the open, looking down on the town where they live, they gain a new perspective. 

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After spending years sculpting for another artist, Bella has left her boyfriend and returned home to set up a studio on her own. She struggles with confidence and finding her own style, while also dealing with the fall out of her break up.

One day, an older man knocks on the door seeking to commission a portrait of himself. Bella develops a daughter-father like bond over several sittings. This encourages her to reconnect with her real father. The reunion is not a success.

The older man fails to turn up to the final sitting, and does not pay for the work. Bella is at first angry and then concerned for her subject’s welfare. What she discovers next, will change her life forever.

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As a young, truly independent production company, we pride ourselves on our people-driven approach. By sharing the creative vision, we foster a genuinely collaborative working environment on location.

We love what we do, and believe the process of film-making should be fun and rewarding for all involved. We believe in openly sharing ideas, talent and experience to ensure every voice is heard.